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Film. Kodak Ektar 100.

I should have mentioned this sooner… But one thing leads to another, and it slipped my mind.

It’s been in the works for over a year now.  And a few of you have already noticed – 5 of my images were selected by Ikea for a postcard set.  Included in the set are: collect your thoughts, keep looking, music, the journey, and urban vintage.  Each of these images bring back such sweet memories for me.  They were all taken in 2009, and in many ways – my photography and style have changed.

I received these in the mail from my publisher, but I have yet to actually see them in the store.  A few more trips to Ikea are in my near future!

And yes, this these images are from the same roll of film as this.

Finally, I participated in Lindsay’s Photography Month series by sharing a few film photography tips. Thanks, Lindsay!

  • Lucent Imagery - January 22, 2012 - 9:02 pm

    Oh wow, that is incredible! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Pink Ronnie - January 22, 2012 - 9:38 pm

    Gabrielle, that is so amazing! And those are such beautiful photos as well. That must be quite exciting for you – I shall look out for them here in Sydney as well!
    Ronnie xoReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - January 23, 2012 - 1:35 am

    Oh my, how exciting! There’s something so very special about being published…whatever the form. Next time I go to Ikea, I’ll look for these.ReplyCancel

  • Nina Designs - January 23, 2012 - 3:01 am

    Whow! That’s great! I’ll make sure to buy them next time I visit Ikea! I absolutely love your photos!ReplyCancel

  • Suzie - January 23, 2012 - 6:52 am

    congratulations, they are wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Daniella - January 23, 2012 - 10:17 am

    How exciting! Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus - January 23, 2012 - 10:40 am

    Ahh – that’s SO exciting!!! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • alice - January 23, 2012 - 11:47 am

    Oh my goodness! That’s huge and awesome!! Congratulations. :)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - January 23, 2012 - 12:15 pm

    Oh, awesome! I wish I had an Ikea nearby so I could pick them up. Congrats! :)ReplyCancel

  • anka - January 23, 2012 - 4:28 pm

    How nice! Hope they’ll bring them to Romania, too!ReplyCancel

  • Vickie - January 24, 2012 - 1:40 am

    wow! congratulations, they’re gorgeousReplyCancel

  • Sylvia - January 24, 2012 - 1:49 am

    Oh my, congrats!! I’ll look for them next trip to Ikea!!ReplyCancel

  • GayleV - January 24, 2012 - 11:13 am

    How fun!! Always a fun thing to see your images in print! On store shelves will be even better!ReplyCancel

  • margaret - January 25, 2012 - 12:02 pm

    beautiful and congratulations! Cant wait to get my hands on a set.ReplyCancel

  • Janice - January 25, 2012 - 1:08 pm

    Wow, that is amazing! Congratulations! :)ReplyCancel

  • Astrid - January 27, 2012 - 10:36 am

    Wow! Congratulations so much!ReplyCancel

  • Esra - January 27, 2012 - 3:19 pm

    Congratulations. I’ll definitely look for them next time i’m in Ikea.

    I’ve been following you photos on flickr and just came to your blog. Your work is absolutely beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - January 31, 2012 - 11:32 am

    I picked up a pack last week when I was shopping there. It was kind of cool to think I’ve been following your work for some time now and here it is on the shelves of Ikea! Well done you! :)ReplyCancel

  • Mary - February 2, 2012 - 2:19 am

    Wow that is wonderful!!!
    You are in for a treat seeing your work in Ikea, it should be exciting! Many many congrats.

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  • christina - January 28, 2014 - 6:47 pm

    i don’t have an ikea near me, so i just happened to buy these the last time i was visiting family. i planned to get them framed to decorate my craft room. however, a good friend of mine has recently really gotten into photography and i want to send them to her as a gift. i checked ikea’s site and they are no long available. do you know anywhere else i can get them? thanks so much!

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