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this week’s flowers

I visit our local Farmer’s Market every Wednesday morning.  The fresh flowers caught my eye, and I just had toView full post »

what i know to be true

Quotes, links, thoughts, and other tidbits that I have found to be true this week: I don’t think there willView full post »


instant film + spring = love.View full post »

staying quiet better preserves the miracle

“Becoming a parent is difficult to talk and write about, not because the words are hard to find (though theyView full post »

happy mother’s day

Spending the day with my girls, and sending love to my mother!View full post »

evening light

Sometimes evening light is just as beautiful as morning light.View full post »

shadows and morning light

There’s nothing quite like fresh, clean linens and morning light.View full post »

the week’s end

It’s been a long week.  I’m glad it’s behind me. And this weekend looks full as well, but withView full post »

a moment

A long day. Rain quietly falling just outside the window. Our girls are tucked in safely for the night. Our eveningView full post »

being present

There are never enough hours in my day. There are so many thing I’d like to do, try, and create.  And it’sView full post »

mornings on the beach

I slipped out of our hotel room a little early one morning to spend a little time on the beach alone, and I took theView full post »

the last of my louisiana images

These are the last of my captures from Louisiana, all taken with my polaroid land camera.  I hope you have enjoyedView full post »


I’m home once again.  A much needed break.View full post »

sweet magnolias

The magnolia trees are in bloom. I couldn’t help but grab a couple to bring inside. Their sweet scent +View full post »


A few images from today…. I’m learning that the best way to decorate is simply with plants. The last dayView full post »

my days are full

My days have been so full.  Not nearly enough time. End of the school year parties, dinners with friends, impromptuView full post »

sometimes life happens

Sometimes life happens, and I am away from this space far too long. And I start to feel a little like something isView full post »

their home

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with close friends.  Friends that I’ve known for over a decade.  We’veView full post »

tea o’clock

It’s always a good time for tea…..View full post »

coffee with my mom

A recent morning spent with my mom. For as long as I can remember, my mother has started her day with with a cup ofView full post »

rarely made

Beds are rarely made in my house.  I love how an unmade bed simply calls me to crawl right back in…..View full post »

Easter weekend

I’m going to take the next couple of days to enjoy with my family.  I’ll be back next week with more toView full post »

sunday brunch

Sunday brunch is becoming a ritual in my home. He likes to cook, I like to photograph – the perfectView full post »


Spring has sprung. Some captures from the last few days on Fuji peel apart film and an old polaroid land camera.  HerView full post »

morning coffee

As much as I love drinking tea and coffee, I love the process of brewing just as much.  To me, it’s as equallyView full post »


Anyone else still adjusting to daylight savings time? Monday morning was extremely rough in my home – and yes,View full post »

i can almost feel spring

Every morning lately, I have woken up to the sounds of birds right outside my window – chirping awayView full post »

polaroid back

Hasselblad 500 cm, Polaroid back, Fuji FP 100C film. Our hotel room in San Francisco – photographed with theView full post »