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mornings around here

A typical late spring morning around here. I love waking up early with sunlight there to greet me (yay for longerView full post »

What I Know To Be True

Quotes, links, an other tidbits that I have found to be true this week: It becomes increasingly hard to change aView full post »

staying quiet better preserves the miracle

“Becoming a parent is difficult to talk and write about, not because the words are hard to find (though theyView full post »

around here

I am adjusting to being a mother of three.  I am stretched in so many directions – I am still trying to find myView full post »

she’s here

We have been blessed with a third baby girl. As an only child, I always wanted a sister.  As God would have it, I am aView full post »

summer’s winding down

Summer is winding down. It’s the same signs every year – my oldest daughter is back in school, the daysView full post »

day 4, polaroid week

My baby girl.  Taken the same day as this.View full post »


We packed up the girls this weekend and headed for the beach. We needed this more than I realized. Vacations take onView full post »

black and white

Film. Ilford HP 400. Loving this black and white film.  Images I captured in December, and just got around toView full post »

scenes from christmas morning

Scenes from our table this morning….. (and the first from a party last night) Merry Christmas to you!View full post »

apple harvest

Loving all the apples around the house.  Definitely feels like Fall.View full post »


I’m not that good at handling change. It takes me a while.  I like to hold on to what I know, what is familiar,View full post »


This baby girl is ready to get outside~ What you don’t hear are the earth-shattering screams that go along withView full post »

a change of plans

We’ve had these plans for months – the Florida Panhandle, Santa Rosa Beach, a summer rental, Labor Day.View full post »

she likes guacamole too

Film. Kodak Ektar 100 +++++++++++++++++ the august break ….  View full post »

what makes a house a home

Film. Kodak Ektar 100 I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately…. what makes a house a home.  Is itView full post »

i’m back!

Film. Ilford Delta 400 It’s amazing how attached I am to this little space.  I’ve been away for a week,View full post »

ranunculus love

Kodak Portra 400 NC I have little self control when I see ranunculus at the market.  As you can see from the firstView full post »

weekends are for

Weekends are for … + spending way to much time in bed + playing with Mommy’s camera strap +View full post »

spring showers

Spring showers will *hopefully* bring many spring flowers! Waiting patiently for our spring weather…..View full post »

about those spring portraits…..

About those spring portraits….. The natural light was perfect.  Her dress was ready. But she had other plansView full post »

a time for tea, continued.

As promised, I wanted to share with you my film images of our tea date last weekend.  It was cold and rainyView full post »

my weekend

In keeping with my theme of simplicity for this year, these are a few captures from my weekend.  Very relaxedView full post »

weekend thoughts

I have to admit that I am picking up my film camera more than my digital these days.  And I’m truly lovingView full post »


As January draws to a close, I realize what a long but wonderful month it has been.  Cold, yes – but that justView full post »


No rhyme or reason, just little things that have made me stop and reflect for a moment lately. I used to waitView full post »

captures on film

I just received another roll of film back that I shot a couple of weeks ago and once again, I love the results.View full post »

happy weekend to you

Ending this week by sharing a few more film shots.  In the words of Sara Remington, “I’ve gone fromView full post »


Her very first pair…View full post »