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summertime, and the livin’ is easy…..View full post »

what i know to be true

Quotes, links, thoughts, and other tidbits that I have found to be true this week: I really enjoy good writing.View full post »

shadows and light

It’s no secret that I love fresh flowers in my home. But when I grab my camera to document them, I findView full post »

a photo + reflection / 01

the blue hour. the period of twilight each morning and each evening where there is neither full daylight nor completeView full post »

about the table

My kitchen table is a major source of inspiration for me.  We gather here every night for dinner.  My daughters doView full post »

on photography, film, and other musings

There’s nothing quite like a light leak on the beach.   I’ve been thinking so much about this space.  IView full post »

spring, around here

A few signs of spring around here ~ More, soon.View full post »

new orleans in black and white

Leftover beads from Mardi Gras were around every corner in New Orleans.  But it is the contrast and architecture of theView full post »

quiet mornings

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a quick trip to New Orleans.  We make this trip quite often.  NewView full post »

captured moments, late spring

A few moments I’ve captured lately.  I’m currently loving this Spring weather – sun mixed withView full post »

a recent walk

Atlanta Botanical GardensView full post »

sun flare

Nothing quite better than sun flare + film.  View full post »

my polaroid wall

This drawer in my workspace is filled with all of my polaroids, taken with various cameras.  Once I scan them, theyView full post »

warm lemon water

I’ve been replacing my morning coffee (temporarily) with warm, lemon water. Really easy – warming water inView full post »

new orleans, and a new year

Images from a quick trip to New Orleans we made this past weekend.  It was great to get away, enjoy breakfast inView full post »

a baby shower

A recent baby shower for my cousin. It was my kind of shower – a Sunday afternoon filled with tea, coffee, andView full post »

late fall harvest

I’ve been sick.  And it was not fun.  Needless to say, I will be get my flu shot from now on. The above imagesView full post »

the greenhouse

A few captures from a recent trip to the Fuqua Orchid Center. Don’t get me wrong, I love orchids – but itView full post »

scenes from sunday brunch

Scenes from Sunday brunch with a few of my favorite ladies. First time using Portra 160, and the verdicts still out.View full post »

the light is changing

The light is changing.  The days are cooler. The morning light sneaks in a bit later, and evening light is comingView full post »

summer’s winding down

Summer is winding down. It’s the same signs every year – my oldest daughter is back in school, the daysView full post »

a walk in the woods

A recent walk in the woods. It was raining on and off, but I found pockets of sunshine on this path. I also wanted toView full post »

neopan 400

One of the aspects of film I enjoy the most is the ability to shoot with a different film types and feel like I haveView full post »

coffee and cameras

Spending some time in Louisiana (more images to come once film is developed + scanned). And of course, coffee is firstView full post »

the garden

This year, we planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cayenne peppers, strawberries, parsley, and green onions. We alsoView full post »

a little diy project

A little diy project that I completed recently. These shelves warm up the space in my kitchen so nicely.  Getting theView full post »

morning by the water

I realized a few things this weekend: + Life is short.  Too short.  (I hugged my littles a bit longer than needed thisView full post »

shadows and light

As much as I love early morning light, there is something about shadows and light that draws me. I think it’sView full post »

newest (little) members of the family

Welcome to the newest little members of our plant family.  I think they will fit in quite nicely. These are allView full post »