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easing into summer

Easing into summer around here. Waking up early to have a few quiet moments before my girls wake. Staying up a bitView full post »

adventures in watercoloring

A couple weeks ago, my mom introduced me to watercoloring.  It was a quick lesson, but I was hooked.  I thinkView full post »

mornings around here

A typical late spring morning around here. I love waking up early with sunlight there to greet me (yay for longerView full post »

behind the scenes: instant film photography

A quick, “behind the scenes” look at my process of shooting with my Hasselblad 500c with a polaroid back,View full post »


instant film + spring = love.View full post »


Our family is growing. We are expecting our third baby this summer.  This is one of the main reasons I have beenView full post »

summer’s winding down

Summer is winding down. It’s the same signs every year – my oldest daughter is back in school, the daysView full post »

day 3, polaroid week

And this is why I love film.  How ordinary light is captured and transformed into a story. By the way, it is so muchView full post »

a walk in the woods

A recent walk in the woods. It was raining on and off, but I found pockets of sunshine on this path. I also wanted toView full post »


We packed up the girls this weekend and headed for the beach. We needed this more than I realized. Vacations take onView full post »


Details captured on black and white film. More soon, so busy these days.View full post »

hi there

A Saturday morning self portrait.View full post »

you never know

Film. Kodak Ektar 100. Something happened when my film was processed, and those two red lines appeared on every shotView full post »


I’m not that good at handling change. It takes me a while.  I like to hold on to what I know, what is familiar,View full post »

summer is winding down

Film. Fuji Superia 400. +++++++++++++++++ Slowly trying to get back in a groove.  In every aspect of my life. SummerView full post »

a change of plans

We’ve had these plans for months – the Florida Panhandle, Santa Rosa Beach, a summer rental, Labor Day.View full post »

look what i just found!

Expired polaroid 600 film!!! And to think that I just missed ‘Roid week on flickr… Off to find my polaroidView full post »


Enjoying a few things lately…. ~ Lemons that will be ready in the fall ~ Soft breezes ~ Summer dresses andView full post »

a little shopping

Film. Kodak Ektar 100. A couple of captures from a recent shopping trip with my sister-in-law, who might as well be myView full post »

i’m back!

Film. Ilford Delta 400 It’s amazing how attached I am to this little space.  I’ve been away for a week,View full post »

first adventure with the instax

Fuji Instax 210 | Fuji Instax Wide Instant Film A few shots from my first adventure with the Fuji Instax, which was aView full post »

pink blooms

Film. Kodak Ektar 100 Seriously enjoying Spring blooms around here lately.   I love shooting wide open and capturingView full post »

the first blooms

Kodak Ektar 100 When I saw these blooms outside my window, I smiled quietly to myself.  Spring is slowly making herView full post »

tulips and film

Kodak Ektar 100 Tulips and film – such a lovely combination. Signing off a bit early this week, my friends ~View full post »

weekends are for

Weekends are for … + spending way to much time in bed + playing with Mommy’s camera strap +View full post »

weekend thoughts

I have to admit that I am picking up my film camera more than my digital these days.  And I’m truly lovingView full post »

the seemingly mundane

More film shots from this day.  Did I mention how much I love film? Lately, I have been struck by the seeminglyView full post »

happy weekend to you

Ending this week by sharing a few more film shots.  In the words of Sara Remington, “I’ve gone fromView full post »

coffee and a few things

I enjoyed a very rare moment for myself recently.  I treasure these moments so much.  A few more film shotsView full post »


Her very first pair…View full post »